About AbCelex Technologies

AbCelex combines solid industry knowledge and exceptional scientific expertise to deliver solutions to animal health issues that have human health implications.

Founded in 2010, AbCelex Technologies is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on developing leading-edge innovations and capabilities to address some of the world’s greatest food animal health and food safety challenges.

AbCelex discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative technologies and products for improving food animal health in order to increase production performance and food safety. AbCelex’s core proprietary Technology Platform comprises a targeted protein feed additive approach with a demonstrated potential to establish a new paradigm in preventing and treating bacterial infections in livestock.

Our working philosophy gives priority to the establishment of alliances and collaborations with academic and industry partners which will allow us to develop a broad line of field-proven feed additives for enhancing the welfare and performance of poultry, swine, aquaculture-raised fish and other food-producing animal species.